International Women’s Day 2021

08/03/2021 0 By Admin

As the Equality Officer of The Netherlands’s Branch of the NUJ, I am pleased to say that women members have been increasingly active in the branch this last year, taking on new roles and contributing to lively discussions as well as taking on administrative roles. Having online meetings has benefited those with family commitments and/or chronic health problems but we miss the gatherings in Amsterdam cafes after an actual meeting.

We had a number of fascinating in-house talks by women members on themes such as climate change and journalism, and behind the scenes at the FNV, (Federation of Dutch Unions). As individuals we have supported the UK Make Votes Matter campaign, asking for a fairer voting system that will benefit women and people who currently feel disenfranchised by the first past the post system – many of whom are women who feel their votes currently don’t matter. In  2021 we have talks planned on a range of topics, including one on the media reporting of trans women and the impact this has on women’s rights.

As a branch, we would like to offer our support to the journalists Rita Parna Chatterjee  (India) and Patricia Campos (Brazil), both of whom were subjected to unnecessary threats and abuse according to Reporters without Borders. We look forward to hearing more positive news about the way women journalists, photographers and other media workers are treated in 2021, and to read about new, safe job opportunities for women freelancers and employed staff in the months to come.

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

Siobhan Wall