The two types of TOZO help available to freelancers

28/05/2020 0 By Admin

TOZO financial support (TOZO levensonderhoud)

Freelance journalists and photographers who want to apply for the Government’s special financial support as a result of the Coronavirus lock-down (TOZO) should submit their application before the 1 June. This covers the months March, April and May. 

The scheme is also being extended until the end of August and, TOZO 2, as its being called, has similar conditions except for the level it pays out will now take into account partners’ incomes. The income of those freelancers married or living together with a partner will be topped up to a minimum of €1,500 and for single people to €1,050.

If you have not applied for TOZO 1, you can still apply fort TOZO 2 after I June. But receiving financial support under TOZO 1 does not automatically mean you will receive TOZO 2. You have to apply again by filling in the form at the local authority where you live giving details of your current circumstances, whether you live with someone and want is their income.

Also if your income for the period covered by TOZO 1 turns out to be higher than expected you may have to repay some of the financial support. 

When applying, you should only include your NET income, i.e. your income AFTER deducting expenses and AFTER deducting a further 18% to cover average tax bills.

For Dutch speakers, see point one on the Dutch ZZP site   

NUJ branch members have also inquired about which months are relevant. These are the months in which the work is ACTUALLY PERFORMED, not invoiced or paid. So work carried out outside of the TOZO period March to end of May should not be taken into consideration even if payment is received within the TOZO period.

For more infromation: If I am entitled to the Tozo, how much will I get? And when?

TOZO business loan (TOZO bedrijfskrediet) 

In addition to the TOZO financial support, there is a TOZO business loan that self-employed persons who have liquidity problems as a result of the corona crisis can apply for. However, the loan has a maximum, for the Tozo 1 and Tozo 2 jointly, of €10,157 euros.